After a Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo procedure whether Lip Blush, Eyebrows or Eyeliner you will experience similar side effects after the treatment, which usually includes swelling, scabbing, tenderness, bruising and redness. 

You can expect side effects to last for up to 2 weeks. Though this is entirely normal, you should contact a medical professional if they persist for longer than the timescales mentioned.

Immediately after your Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo procedure there may be a small amount of lymphatic fluid and blood present in the treated area resembling a graze. 

Aftercare ointment is provided for the client to use as a moisturiser on the treated area, and is to be applied twice a day. 

The area must be kept clean at all times during the healing period. Tiny scabs will form as the treated area starts to dry out which at this stage, it is important for the client to ensure these scabs are not picked, rubbed or peeled prematurely and is left to flake off on its own accord.

If scabs are pulled prematurely not only can this increase the risk of infection, the implemented pigment will be pulled along with the scab which can not only cause patching and unevenness it can also lead to an undesirable result of the treatment performed in which client will be liable.

Keeping the treated area clean and free from fragranced products and cosmetics is an absolute must after a Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo appointment as any form of product to the skin risks a reaction against the pigment causing an infection. By adhering to the correct aftercare not only could this be avoided this will also allow the skin to repair itself and maximise optimal results.

The success of aftercare is all down to the client. It is vital that the correct aftercare provided below is followed, to allow the treatment area to heal disruption free. In which you will heal with no experience of infection, irritation or scarring. 

  • Limit showers and baths
  • Keep hair pinned back away from the treated area
  • Swimming or sauna
  • SPF must be worn on all permanent cosmetic tattoo
  • Sleep on a clean pillowcase (We recommend Silk Pillowcases)
  • Avoid perfumes and cosmetic products – Includes both Makeup & Skincare
  • Avoid heavy exercise
  • Keep the freshly treated area dry and out of contact with water for 7-10 days
  • Avoid sun exposure: Sun exposure will fade your tattoo especially if its fresh and can lead to burning layers of the tattoo causing discolouration to the pigment, burns to the tattoo and undesired results 

Excessive sunbed use will lead to undesired results we recommend avoiding excessive use. However excessive sunbed use after treatment is at clients discretion and client will be liable for unsatisfactory results.

  • Do not pick, peel, rub or scratch the treated area
  • Ease swelling with a cold pack compress – Avoid refrigerated compresses as freezing temperatures to skin that is already delicate can cause skin complications due to frost damage, Please also ensure the compress used is single use to avoid the risk of spreading bacteria to the treatment area.
  • Drink through a straw and use cutlery to avoid contact with the lips when eating
  • Avoid lip products that have chemicals as this can dry out the lips and increase the chance of spreading bacteria and causing an infection
  • Do not apply Vaseline to the treated area 
  • Head back when washing your hair 
  • Eyeliner – No eyelash extenstions, lvl or tint to the treated area prior to your Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo appointment and 4-6 weeks after treatment
  • Do not take aspirin or ibruprofen